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E12: Book discussion – Finding Ecohappiness

Author Sandi Schwartz shares about her new book Finding Ecohappiness which covers the much important topic of kids, nature and how it affects their mental health.

Finding Ecohappiness: Fun Nature Activities to Help Your Kids Feel Happier and Calmer

E10: Winter layering for families

Outdoor family expert, Amelia Mayer (known as the owner of Mountain mama) speaks to us about proper winter layering for our families. We cover basics and more in-depth subjects so everyone can learn something new.

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E8: Dogsledding 101

Let’s dive into dog sledding with families and go over why you might want to give it a try! My kids and myself love the sport of mushing and I hope you enjoy a peak into this world during my conversation with musher mom, Casey.

E7: Backyard ice rinks – synthetic ice

Final episode in our backyard rink series, This episode covers an alternative to traditional ice rinks. synthetic ice is a great option for people in warm climates or for those who want more time skating so if you are curious, listen in!

E4: Backyard ice rinks 101

The first in our back yard ice rink series! Whether you have never heard of backyard ice rinks or if you have already started the journey, this episode will have some good info to get you and your family outside enjoying the ice.

E3: Kicksledding parent interview

What might kicksledding look like in a real life family scenario? Rhiana from Minnesota shares stories about her personal experiences with the activity and how it’s been raising kids along side kicksledding and long winters.
Rhiana can be found on Instagram @rhianahal

E2: Kicksledding 101

Ever hear of kicksledding? In this episode we talk with Alysha from Door County Kicksleds and go over basics to get you acquainted with the sport. It’s a unique winter activity to add to your families snowy adventures so if you are looking to bring something new into your winters, this is for you!
Door County Kicksled can be found:
And on Facebook and Instagram.

E1: What we’re all about

On the journey of being an outdoor parent. Learning from other parents and building community through our crazy outdoor lifestyles. Visit for more!